ESC wiring and connections

Wiring Diagram

  1. BLDC Motor phases (3)

  2. Lipo Power Supply +

  3. Lipo Power Supply - (GND)

  4. Signal/Telemetry reference ground (GND)

  5. Telemetry Signal (KISS TLM / SPort / CRSF TX / HOTT / Sensorbus)

  6. PWM/Dshot Signal input (PWM / OS128 / OS42 / DSHOT 600-2400)

  7. Solder jumper for changing motor direction

  8. RX for FTDI connection (Serial CLI)

  9. TX for FTDI connection (Serial CLI)

Connecting KISS ESC to Remote Control RX

You may use KISS ESC's on a plane or rover without the need of a flight control.

KISS ESC - serial receiver

Motor spin direction

This needs to be done only if you are NOT using DSHOT! KISS FC's as well as BetaFlight based FC's do support change of the motor spin direction via GUI / CLI command.

On delivery JP1 (7) is open. If a change of direction of motor rotation is desired, the jumper can be closed. Close the jumper by adding solder to the pads → building a solder bridge

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