Technical data
KISS ESC 25A technical data

Technical Specifications

    32-bit ARM Cortex M4 MCU
    Operating voltage 6 - 24V / 2 - 5S LiPo
    Maximum continuous current 25A
    Instantaneous maximum current 40A, actively limited
    600000 ERPM maximum rotation field speed (useage up to 500000 recommended)
    Small size 12 x 16 mm

Hardware/Feature Specifications

    Telemetry capability (voltage, current, temperature, rpm)
    Over current protection (measures the current and reduces it to max 40A)
    Over temperature protection (reduces the max power if hotter then 100°C)
    sinHybrid :: Sinwave/BackEMF Hybrid Commutation for smoother running.
    Dshot 2400 (Full resolution of 2000 steps takes only 6.5µs)
    Supports all common Dshot commands like turtle mode, 3D mode and rotation direction change.
    Expanded adaptive auto timing (3,25-30° advance on each commutation)
    For Race Multi-copters (25A continuous also with weak cooling)
    High max. RPM (500.000ERpm, 71.400Rpm with a 14Pole Motor)
    Accurate RPM control (2000 steps using Dshot)
    No additional capacitor needed for 2-5S
    Very fast throttle response
    Linear throttle response
    Active freewheeling (low diode losses)
    Regenerative braking
    Dshot 100-2400, Oneshot42, Oneshot125 and normal (25 – 500Hz) PWM auto detected.
    Supports FrSky Sbus, Graupner SumD, TBS CROSSFIRE and Multiplex SRXL as well as the Telemetrys, S-Port, Graupner HOTT, TBS CROSSFIRE and Sensorbus
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