KISS ESC - calibration & 3D mode

PWM signal calibration and 3D mode

This action needs to be done only in case of using the ESC with a 3rd party FC or serial receiver and PWM/oneshot/multishot signal input. Calibration to be done with PWM signal only!

The default setting is 1000μS Min signal, 1050μS Start signal and 2000μS full Throttle signal.

To teach the transmitter path (throttle path)

  1. the ESC / controller must be connected to a receiver or FC without having the ESC power supplied - LiPo disconnected.

  2. set the throttle signal at full throttle (peak throttle).

  3. Connect the LiPo to the ESC / controller. A beep indicates the confirmation that the programming mode is activated.

  4. reduce the throttle signal to minimum (normally 1000μs,), and wait for the restart of the speed controller (audible signal high-low-high).

The throttle pas is now programmed and the ESC/controller is ready for use.

3D mode

Caution: The loads that arise for the ESC in the 3D mode, are up to 3 times higher!

After the throttle travel has been programmed as described above, the 3D mode can be activated as follows:

  1. Disconnect the power supply, put the transmitter signal at full throttle.

  2. Connect power again, wait for the beep.

  3. Adjust the throttle to the middle position (half throttle path) and wait for restart of the ECS / speed controller (signal: high-low-high).

The 3D mode is now active.

Important! Speed controller now starts only at the throttle center position. Deactivation: Teach new master travel

Deactivation of 3D mode

Teach new master trave as explained at teach the transmitter path above.

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