Technical data

KISS ESC32A technical data

Technical details

  • 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 MCU

  • Operating voltage 9 - 30V / 3 - 6S LiPo

  • Maximum continuous current 32A

  • Instantaneous maximum current 45A, actively limited

  • 600000 ERPM maximum rotation field speed (useage up to 500000 recommended)

  • Size 19 x 27 mm

Hardware/Feature Specifications

  • Telemetry capability (voltage, current, temperature, rpm)

  • Over current protection (measures the current and reduces it to max 45A)

  • Over temperature protection (reduces the max power if hotter then 100°C)

  • sinHybrid :: Sinwave/BackEMF Hybrid Commutation for smoother running.

  • Dshot 2400 (Full resolution of 2000 steps takes only 6.5μs)

  • Supports all common Dshot commands like turtle mode, 3D mode and rotation direction change.

  • Expanded adaptive auto timing (3,25-30° advance on each commutation)

  • For Race Multicopters (32A continuous also with weak cooling)

  • High max. RPM (500.000ERpm, 71.400Rpm with a 14Pole Motor)

  • Small size (19 x 27 mm)

  • Accurate RPM control (2000 steps using Dshot)

  • No additional capacitor needed for 3-5S. Add a min. 220μF min. 50V Cap for 6S usage!

  • Very fast throttle response

  • Linear throttle response

  • Active freewheeling (low diode losses)

  • Regenerative braking

  • 3-6S LiPo

  • Dshot 100-2400, Oneshot42, Oneshot125 and normal (25 – 500Hz) PWM auto detected.

  • Supports FrSky Sbus, Graupner SumD, TBS CROSSFIRE and Multiplex SRXL as well as the Telemetrys, S-Port, Graupner HOTT, TBS CROSSFIRE and Sensorbus

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