KISS ESC - safety warnings
IMPORTANT safety instructions!! please read

Safety Warnings

  • Due to the regenerative braking, the KISS ESC should only be powered by LiPo batteries. A power supply might get damage when braking. The ESC takes care of itself.
  • Never start a brushless motor in your hands!
  • While starting up with propellers mounted, always do it in a distance of yourself & objects
  • The KISS ESC can be locally heated up to 80 ° C during operation!
  • While soldering do not connect a voltage source at the ESC / speed controller.
  • Some components on the KISS ESC can be destroyed by static charge. When handling such electronics, make sure to be grounded.
Please use always the latest stable firmware release unless u have a serious reason to use one of the beta/unstable versions.
Last modified 3yr ago
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